Provider FAQs

  1. What is required for providers to join the ACS network?

    Providers must sign an ACS contract and complete the ACS credentialing process in order to participate in the network. You may work directly with a contract specialist to complete this process or you may go online and complete the process through our e-Contracting portal.

  2. How is the provider notified about the existing and new payers of ACS?

    Once a provider has been approved by the credentialing committee, their fully executed contract, a current client listing and an ACS in-service training manual are sent to the provider. Additional follow up with the provider occurs when ACS signs a contract with a new client. ACS distributes a formal notification to all of our providers 10 days in advance of a new client implementation.

  3. Which contract is used when both ACS and the payer client have a contract with me?

    The ACS network contract takes precedence over other contracts.

  4. Where do I submit my claim?

    You will find that the ACS logo is on some, but not all, patient ID cards. Therefore, to simplify the process, you should submit all claims to the claims address located on the patient ID card. ACS will work with its payers to ensure that claims for ACS contracted providers are routed to us.

  5. How do I get paid?

    Once ACS receives your claim from our client, we initiate an active collection process. The participating agreement delegates to ACS the responsibility for collection of claims on your behalf, and the payment is assigned to ACS. Once ACS has collected on the claim from the ACS client, it makes payment to the provider, typically less than 5 days from receipt of payment.

  6. What happens if my payment is not correct?

    ACS acts as a provider advocate and will work with the client to resolve any issues ranging from general questions to an appeal. In addition to responding to appeal requests from the provider or member, ACS has many processes in place to identify underpaid claims and will initiate appeals on behalf of the providers where appropriate.

  7. Who should I contact if I have questions?

    You should contact us directly, at any time, for an update on your claims, contract questions or questions related to our payers. ACS has a Customer Service Center, with an experienced staff, that will help you with any issues you may encounter. See the "Contact Us" tab for more information.

Payer FAQs

  1. Is the Provider Network fully credentialed?

    Yes, to ensure that ACS participating providers meet and exceed established standards and criteria for participation, each provider must go through a full credentialing process and be approved by the ACS Credentialing Committee. Providers are also re-credentialed every 3 years.

  2. What does "customized network" mean?

    Each client's network consists of the providers that geographically match their member population. During the Network Value Analysis (NVA) process, ACS evaluates both network access and savings against the client's current network experience. This analysis allows ACS to make recommendations to the client regarding the ACS network configuration that would maximize the client's access and savings.

  3. What is the ROI on doing business with ACS?

    ACS payers do not pay an access fee or a PEPM. ACS typically saves 8-15% more than traditional networks.

  4. What is required of me as a client of ACS?

    Once a contract is executed, the client will be required to send claims to ACS for re-pricing and to remit payment directly to ACS for those claims.

  5. Is it legal to pay ACS for their network provider claims?

    Yes, ACS has binding contracts with each provider that assigns rights to ACS to bill and collect all provider claims for ACS payers. Therefore, when the payer issues payment to ACS, the payer has satisfied their provider payment obligation.

  6. Which contract is used when both ACS and the client have a contract with the provider?

    The ACS network contract takes precedence over other contracts held by the provider.

  7. How do I become a client of ACS?

    Please call 972.308.6846 to receive a contract. Once a contract is executed, we will begin a standardized on-boarding process which can quickly and effectively get you connected to ACS. This will allow you to exchange claims with ACS for processing.