Let us prove how we can save you money

ACS can perform a free Network Value Analysis (NVA) for your company to show you exactly how much you stand to gain from partnering with our comprehensive Provider Network.

During this process, we will identify all the ancillary providers preferred by your members and their dependents. If they are not currently in our Provider Network, we will recruit those providers to prevent any disruption in service to your patients, as well as provide additional savings for you.

The NVA utilizes your company's actual claim data to provide you with the most accurate forecasts of your bottom-line savings. With just 6-12 months of recent claim data, ACS will generate a report with the following information:

  • A comparison of your current costs to the costs incurred had the ACS network been utilized
  • Savings the client will receive the first year by leveraging the ACS network
  • Total estimated client savings through the ACS network for the term of the 3-year agreement
  • Strategies for transitioning EDI and paper claims to ACS

This customized NVA report is free of charge and obligates you in no way. For additional information, please see our Payers FAQ.

Find out how much your company can save using the ACS Provider Network. Sign up now to receive your complimentary Network Value Analysis. An ACS sales representative will be in touch with you shortly.

Or contact our sales team directly at 844-516-3335 or sales@anci-care.com.