Network Products

The lines of business supported by ACS extend your reach to markets and product segments otherwise difficult to penetrate and manage.

Benefits of partnering with the ACS Provider Network

Primary Network
The ACS primary group health network includes access to national and regional PPO networks as well as over 600 TPA payers and employer groups across the nation. ACS providers are given in-network status and paid in accordance with the highest benefit levels.

Secondary Network
ACS's national secondary preferred Provider Network is used by the nation's second largest network today. Providers receive an advantage by holding a contract with ACS, especially when they are considered out-of-network by the payer. It provides predictability in revenue and improves DSO metrics. ACS providers will be paid directly from the payer and there is absolutely no Silent PPO activity!

Workers' Compensation
ACS has a national network of providers with exceptional specialty depth. ACS continues to expand our national network to better serve our client needs. The ACS worker's compensation payers use prospective, concurrent and retrospective delivery models.

Auto Liability Network
ACS connects its payers and their members with providers treating trauma-related injuries and post-trauma medical needs with maximum cost efficiency. ACS providers will be paid directly from the payer for these patients.

ACS has a national network of providers that provides access and pricing solutions to Medicare Advantage Programs.

Specialty Care Programs
ACS has created a suite of cost-containment products and innovative specialty solutions that take a holistic approach to serving patients, utilizing strong steerage procedures into our high performance network sites. Learn more here.